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Alliance crumbles

The “Nation Alliance” that challenged the ruling block in the 24 June elections has in practice ended. With the CHP, the alliance’s main force, turning to internal dispute, a statement coming from the Good Party says there remains no need for the alliance.
Yayınlanma tarihi: 6 Temmuz 2018 Cuma, 09:36

[Haber görseli]Good Party General Chair Meral Akşener has assembled her inner staff for a second time since the elections and continued to assess developments. At the meeting at which the election results continued to receive attention, important conclusions were reached about the future of the Nation Alliance created with the CHP, Felicity Party and Democrat Party for the purpose of the parliamentary elections. With no joint candidate emerging as a second round in the presidential election proved elusive and the alliance which had promised a majority in parliament falling short of its targets, Good Party management has decided to continue on its way alone.

“CHP’s problems” inference

Good Party General Secretary and Party Spokesperson Aytun Çıray assessed developments as the Chairship Tribunal meeting progressed. With reference to talk of early local elections, Çıray said, “We are ready for all elections. But, I think that, with Turkey having such great economic and social problems, imposing yet another fresh agenda on Turkey would amount in full to passing these problems over. I don’t see this government as easily being able to embark on early elections under these economic conditions, but the CHP, with a view to deferring its own internal problems, may have raised the notion of an early election in this way. There is no point in jumping the gun over early elections. Let them first bring them on and we’ll see.”

Green light for capital punishment

In response to President Tayyip Erdoğan’s pronouncement on the capital punishment debate, “Slowly. That’s a bit tough. Constitutional amendment is called for,” Çıray said, “They amend the Constitution over everything but I am curious as to why things happen slowly when it comes to capital punishment. Let them first dare to bring it out, let them bring it out and then we’ll talk.” Stating with reference to the future of the Nation Alliance that the Good Party would continue on its way alone, Çıray said, “The cooperation we engaged in was not a coalition. This was one of the points we had difficulty getting across because of the media embargo. What we engaged in was electoral cooperation. We formed an electoral cooperation alliance in the face of electoral fraud so that votes would not go astray and basically another principled point of ours was our principled agreement on the matter of a strengthened multiparty parliamentary system. Along with the ending of these elections, there currently remains no need for this electoral cooperation alliance. The Good Party will create its own distinct politics under its own juristic identity and impart these to the Turkish people.”

SP: It ended at that point

Felicity Party General Chair Temel Karamollaoğlu also held a press conference at his party’s headquarters yesterday and made important observations about the alliance. Recalling that an early election was being mooted for local authorities and asking what problems would be solved with the elections being brought forward, Karamollaoğlu commented, “What fills me with astonishment is the opposition jumping at this prospect saying, ‘We’re up for it.’ Brilliant, let’s pin on a medal. This is not a business of courage, this is a business of reason and logic.” To the question of when the leaders of the parties constituting the Nation Alliance would come together following the general elections, Karamollaoğlu replied, “The alliance was a matter having to do with the general elections. The life of the alliance ended at that point.”

“No flirtation with the AKP but a pro-nation stance”’

Also assessing Good Party Konya MP Fahrettin Yokuş’s pronouncement, “We will not shirk from playing our part with laws that bode well for our people,” Çıray commented, “Mr Yokuş in fact has taken a very pro-nation stance and wanted to say that the Good Party’s constructive approach to opposition entailed support for whichever legislation any political party proposed that would serve this country’s interests when Turkey’s interests were at stake. Let nobody look for that which does not exist. Our colleague was alluding in good faith to the Good Party’s constructive opposition. This is unrelated to any political party.”

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