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Justice will certainly prevail

The CHP’s Yarkadaş has visited detained member of parliament Enis Berberoğlu in Maltepe Prison.
Yayınlanma tarihi: 05 Temmuz 2017 Çarşamba, 13:43

CHP Istanbul MP Barış Yarkadaş says, ‘My fellow MP Enis Berberoğlu believes that justice will certainly prevail in Turkey.’ Yarkadaş, having visited CHP Istanbul MP Enis Berberoğlu in Maltepe Prison, made a press statement following his visit. Yarkadaş, who also stood watch for a while with participants on the CHP’s ‘Justice Watch’ in front of the prison, passed on Berberoğlu’s messages. Yarkadaş commented, ‘I have just visited Enis Berberoğlu and had the opportunity to chat with him. Enis Berberoğlu said that he sent his most sincere regards and respect to the Justice Marchers.’ Berberoğlu sent the following message through Yarkadaş: ‘Those who believe in democracy and justice are currently writing history. I convey my respect and love to everyone who is marching on the 450-km road for democracy and justice. One day justice will come to Turkey and this will be thanks to those participating on the Justice March and who step by step are covering 450 kilometres. One of Turkey’s most fundamental problems is injustice, and this injustice will one day absolutely and certainly disappear.’ Yarkadaş also noted that Enis Berberoğlu was in good health and spirits and was closely monitoring developments on the outside.
We are marching for everyone
The CHP’s Ataşehir and Sancaktepe sub-province chairship yesterday took over the ‘Justice Watch’ that the CHP’s Istanbul Province Chairship launched in front of Maltepe Prison following the detention of CHP Istanbul MP Enis Berberoğlu. CHP MPs were supporting the watch. CHP Mersin MP Dr. Hüseyin Çamak stated that he had visited Enis Berberoğlu and said that he was in good health and spirits. Çamak, voicing the view that Berberoğlu was behind bars for political reasons, continued, ‘He appears to be behind bars entirely as a political consequence. This is also my conviction. I believe that one day, in a process in which judges are able to pass decision in line with the law and not under instruction from the political command, Enis Berberoğlu will obtain his freedom. The important thing for me is that he is in good health and spirits.’ CHP Adana MP İbrahim Özdiş, on the other hand, said, ‘Enis is following developments in Turkey very closely. He even passes on information to us. His spirits are at a high. What has been done to Enis is a legal murder and anomaly. We are holding a march so that everyone can have justice. We will also bring justice to those who oppose the march.’ Celal Yalçın, Secretary of the CHP’s Ataşehir Sub-Province Chairship, added, ‘We suffered this injustice initially in the Ergenekon, Balyoz and Gezi Park processes and many areas. We are putting up this fight and resistance here along with our people who are seeking justice. The AKP’s talk of justice has fizzled out. Injustice is ever more prevalent. The AKP serves its cronies as the party of their development.’

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