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How the IS members who staged the Station Massacre passed search points – new footage.

Footage has emerged of the arrival on the scene of the suicide bombers in the Ankara Massacre. New CCTV footage has appeared in relation to the Ankara Massacre. In the footage, the suicide bombers enter the area without being subjected to a search.
Yayınlanma tarihi: 30 Eylül 2017 Cumartesi, 18:00

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With the trial into the 10 October Ankara Massacre continuing, fresh footage has emerged in relation to the massacre. The footage includes the arrival of the suicide bombers on the scene. The IS members who staged the massacre passed unhindered through police points.

They entered the rally area without being subjected to a police search

According to a report by Tamer Arda Erşin from Evrensel, the CCTV footage in question
shows the IS suicide bombers who staged the 10 October Ankara Massacre entering the rally
area without being subjected to a police search following their arrival in Ankara.

The footage has entered the case file

In the bomb attack on the “Labour, Peace and Democracy” rally held at Ankara Railway
Station on 10 October 2015, 102 people lost their lives and hundreds of people were injured.
Despite 62 intelligence notes being passed on to security units, it has emerged from stills of
CCTV footage that the bombers were not subjected to a police search on 10 October.
Following these stills, the footage itself has also entered the case file.
In the footage, IS member Yunus Emre Alagöz and the as yet unidentifiable Syrian suicide
bomber walked in the morning hours of 10 October 2015, having exited a taxi they boarded
at Ankara’s Gölbaşı, along İsmet İnönü Boulevard past the junction where the Dikmen
Entrance to Parliament and Air Force Command are situated. The bombers, who got into
another taxi here, came down through the junction with Hipodrum Street and Kazım
Karabekir Street, that is past the state railway general directorate.

The exiting of the bombers from the taxi and their entry into the rally area after getting out of
the taxi is shown instant by instant in the recordings. As seen in the footage, the IS members
enter the area with bombs strapped on because no police search control point had been set up
at the station crossroads entry. It is clearly visible from the footage that there was not even a
single police officer in front of the Railway Station at that time.

Having entered the rally area, one bomber heads straight for the area where the HDP people
had congregated. The other bomber, conversely, heads for the Ankara Railway Station
entrance. The first bomber blows himself up among the HDP people. As people scurry in all
directions, the other suicide bomber now blows himself up.
It later emerged that an intelligence note had been sent to security units in 81 provinces three
days before the massacre about the bomber in the footage, Yunus Emre Alagöz, on the
suspicion that, “He may stage an attack.”

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