No-nonsense FETOist retort from Akşener to Yıldırım

Pointing to the FETOist insinuations made against her, Akşener told Erdoğan to turn and look in the mirror. Akşener also called out to Yıldırım, “If I’m a FETOist, have me detained.”
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[Haber görseli]Good Party General Chair Meral Akşener railed from Kırıkkale about her way being blocked by a municipal truck following her Gaziantep rally. Akşener said, “They all broke into tears. The mayor is going to sue. They’ve grown accustomed to damages for nothing. They can never get enough.”

Here are the key points from Akşener’s comments in Kırıkkale Cumhuriyet Square:

They are afraid of me looking at the expenditure: There is a lot of lying in general, but I don’t understand how it is possible to lie as much as the Prime Minister. I’m supposedly going to close the Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency; he’s accosting me about this. I didn’t say I was going to close the Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency. I said I’m going to sell the Television and Radio Corporation. I said I’m going to close the Council of Higher Education. I will look at what has been spent where at all institutions that have been put to ulterior use from the Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency to the Disaster and Emergency Management Authority and Mass Housing Administration. The Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency spends four billion lira annually. I will look at where this has been spent. That is why he is afraid. I will sell that Television and Radio Corporation which is kept on its feet with your money and has been gifted to certain people while your children are hungry. I will create employment opportunities for young people with this two and a half billion.

Meritocracy: There can be no such thing as an hourly-rate teacher and I will make them all teachers on the state payroll. I will base the civil service on meritocracy and establish a system in which the deserving get what is due to them.

They’ve grown accustomed to damages for free: I’ve faced huge problems for two and a half years. They’ve cut off our electricity and have denied us venues. I have not and will not be cowed. I have not and will not be afraid. But, in Antep, I experienced something even more serious than these experiences. The police will most certainly take security measures and I have no issue with this. But, where has such a thing been seen? The municipality closed the roads that I was to pass on with trucks. I got out and said, “Shame on you provincial governor, shame on you mayor.” They all broke into tears. The mayor is going to sue. They’ve grown accustomed to damages for nothing. They can never get enough.

If you’re making an insinuation, forget it: If with that garbage truck, with that excavation truck, you’re in a roundabout way insinuating that I have FETO connections in relation to 15 July, forget it, just forget it. The mayor surfs the internet. You’re the one who conveys greetings that he brings from the Prime Minister and Mr Erdoğan saying, “Fethullah Gülen, my big brother” with misty eyes at meetings that the FETOists themselves have held. I call out to Erdoğan from here. Mr Erdoğan, everyone in your entourage is accosting me so as to hide their own FETO connections. Brother, look into the mirror, the mirror. There you will see the shah of the FETOists.

Are you the scarecrow?: Mr Prime Minister, your excellency Binali Yıldırım. If I am taking instructions from FETO are you the scarecrow out there? What kind of prime minister are you? Have me detained, then, detained. Let’s see. Go on, have me detained and then let’s see who is a FETOist and who isn’t. You bunch of FETO-harbouring quitters. They’re an immoral and cowardly bunch through and through. Emboldened by the mayor and provincial governor, the chair of the Gaziantep Sport Club, in turn, threatens me. He’s supposedly going to take my life. I’m waiting, waiting; go ahead, brother, go ahead. I’m here; go ahead.

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